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19th Annual (virtual) Afternoon Tea with a Scholar – 1.5 PDU

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Reflections on the Enduring Values of Occupational Therapy: Observations of a Lifetime (1.5 PDUs)
Featuring Lela A. Llorens, PhD, OTR/Ret., FAOTA

Lela A. Llorens, PhD, OTR/Ret., FAOTA, will share observations garnered from over 72 years of experience in the profession of occupational therapy. Her observations of values, from those engendered in the education she received to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree to the values observed in the purposeful lifestyle she is pursuing in retirement, will be shared. Changes over time that have been observed and have served to reinforce our values as well as those that have served to challenge them will be discussed.

November 14, 2021
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Zoom meeting information will be provided via email within 30 minutes of registration.

Expert Contributor $120.00
Mentor Contributor $60.00
Protégé Contributor $30.00
Dilettante Contributor $15.00 (OT/OTA students only)


Lela LlorensLela A. Llorens,

Call to action from the Tea co-founders.
Respond by November 8, 2021 to reg2dir(at)otaconline.org.

This discussion is meant to be an exchange of ideas on how to boldly build our own future in this profession. Ginny Stoffel, PhD, OT, BCMH, FAOTA, called upon us to build capacity at all levels of our compensated and volunteer work. Amy Lamb, OTD, OT/L, FAOTA, called upon us to reclaim, embrace, and courageously share with others our distinct value. Wendy Hildenbrand, PhD, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA, has called upon us for strength and compassion in restoring civility and inter-professional positive regard while also seeding ourselves in our core values and blooming where we find ourselves planted.

In consideration of all of these inspirational calls to action, what would you like to ask Dr. Llorens to speak to specifically regarding her life’s journey in the profession and how one forges a path that understands history, boldly envisions a better future and embraces all aspects of the journey (challenges, mistakes, recovery, reinvention, etc.)? What will allow us all to endure as we move forward?

Please send your questions/comments for Dr. Llorens’s consideration for inclusion in her address to reg2dir(at)otaconline.org by November 8, 2021.