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Welcome to the OTAC COVID-19 Resource Page

The information included here is recommended by OTAC members. If you have additional resources that you believe would be useful to members and the clients they serve, send the information to info(at)otaconline.org for review and consideration.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Resources for All

Telehealth and Occupational Therapy Amid COVID-19

As our state, nation, and the world shelters-in and new information and directives seem to break every hour, OTAC is working to compile resources and references. As our profession works to maintain/ensure services for our clients, below is information on occupational therapy and telehealth amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Added 4/13/2020

- Added 4/13/2020

COVID-19 Resources

An app for young adults to combat loneliness and isolation during COVID-19. - Added 4/13/2020

- Added 4/13/2020