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OTAC Statement:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Racial Justice

OTAC is committed to creating an environment in which diversity, equity, and inclusion are encouraged, supported, and embraced. As occupational therapy practitioners, we recognize that systemic racism oppresses and harms individuals, families, and communities' occupational development and functioning. We acknowledge that work in support of diversity and inclusion requires a partnership among our members. OTAC has established an ad hoc Committee of DEI to tackle the following deliverables:

  1. Identify areas of immediate importance regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion for OTAC members and the profession.
  2. Identify goals and milestones to direct our efforts.
  3. Evaluate current systems/structures within OTAC to determine how they support or do not support diversity.
  4. Provide guidance to the OTAC Board of Directors on initiatives that can be taken by OTAC to promote diversity within the occupational therapy workforce
  5. Identify ways diversity, equity, and inclusion can be represented in OTAC leadership
  6. Provide evidence-based recommendations (structures, strategies, and trainings) to educate OTAC leadership on how to engage in structured, well-facilitated, open dialogs about diversity, equity, and inclusion
  7. Assess the function and future of the Ad Hoc Committee

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