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Political Action Committee

Carnie Lewis

Carnie Lewis, MA, OTR/L

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Thank you for being a part of our OTAC community and advocating for occupational therapy. Thank you to every single person who donated, emailed, tweeted, shared, liked, and volunteered for OTAC PAC this past #GivingTuesday.

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What Is the Political Action Committee (PAC)?

The PAC is a voluntary nonprofit committee that is not affiliated with any political party. The purpose of the OTAC PAC is to provide a voice for occupational therapy practitioners in the State of California political arena. The OTAC PAC accomplishes this purpose by providing financial support to California legislative and constitutional officeholders and candidates that benefit the public by improving and protecting issues related to occupational therapy. The OTAC PAC assists occupational therapy practitioners organizing themselves for more effective political action in the State of California. The Committee is staffed by volunteer OTAC members including the OTAC president, OTAC president-elect or vice president, OTAC advocacy and government affairs chair, OTAC executive director, member(s)-at-large, and the PAC chair. The OTAC PAC chair is elected by members of the OTAC PAC Board.

Why Is It Important to Support the PAC?

California officeholders, candidates, and legislators respond to the needs that are brought before them. The profession of occupational therapy and current and potential clients who need occupational therapy require a voice to present concerns to California officeholders, candidates, and legislators. The OTAC PAC provides a means to let policymakers know what we do and who we serve.

Why Is this Relevant to You?

The profession of occupational therapy needs to be actively involved in the political arena to address issues related to the provision of services and clients served. The OTAC PAC provides a means to bring those concerns to the political arena, specifically to officeholders, candidates, and legislators.

What Can You Do?

Respond to OTAC government alerts, contact your legislator regularly, and donate to the OTAC PAC. EIN 94-2583950

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