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6th Annual School-Based OT Symposium – VIRTUAL - (earn 7 PDUs)

Unlocking the Hidden Potential: Understanding Learning Disabilities
Evidence | Meaningful Occupation | Links to Curriculum | Tools to Support Practice

  • 8:00am – 8:30am - Welcome and Overview | Invaluable Resources
  • 8:30am – 10:30am - Demystifying Learning Disabilities
  • 10:30am – 10:40am - Break
  • 10:40am – 12:15pm - Understanding Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
  • 12:15pm– 12:45pm - Lunch (on own)
  • 12:45pm – 2:45pm - Transformative Treatment Planning
  • 2:45pm – 2:55pm - Break
  • 2:55pm – 3:25pm - Lived Experience
  • 3:25pm – 4:00pm - Learning Disabilities and OT: A Synthesis

September 7, 2024
8:00am - 4:00pm
Zoom meeting information will be provided via email within 30 minutes of registration.

Early Bird - ends August 5
$99 OTAC members/$139 nonmembers
$69 student members/$99 student nonmembers

$129 OTAC members/$169 nonmembers
$99 student members/$129 student nonmembers



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Past School-Based Symposiums

2023 5th Annual School-Based Symposium

Registration Brochure

2023 School-Based Symposium On Demand Recordings
Keynote: What Is Sensory Integration Anyway? - $45 members/$60 nonmembers - 2.5 PDUs
Erna Blanche, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
This presentation will focus on the impact of sensory integration theory in daily practice and its evolution over the last 30 years. Special attention will be given to the changes in terminology, the evidence that has accumulated on its application to the evaluation of sensory processing disorders, intervention practices, and research methodologies. Special attention will be given to the use of sensory integration treatment and Ayres Sensory Integration® in school-based practice. - 9/2023
Movement and Sensory Strategies for Engagement in Learning - $40 members/$55 nonmembers - 2.25 PDUs
Amanda Cassetta, OTR/L
This presentation will focus on applying movement and learning within all classroom levels and how to track the data for effectiveness through video modeling, case studies, and evidence-based practices. Sensory strategies to improve focus and regulation at the same time without taking time away from teaching or academic instruction will be presented. - 9/2023
Panel Discussion: How Is Sensory Integration Applied in the Educational Environment? - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Moderator: Beth Dillin, MOT, OTR/L; Panelists: Emily Dassow, OTR/L; Jo-Ann Vargas, MA, OTR/L; Debra Em Wilson, MA, EdD - 9/2023
Structured Observations of Sensory Integration-Motor (SOSI-M) and Comprehensive Observations of Proprioception-Revised (COP-R) - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Dominique Kiefer, OTD, OTR/L (FL)
This presentation will focus on the strengths of the SOSI-M and COP-R as assessment tools and outcome measures in school-based practice. Participants will learn how the results provided from the SOSI-M and COP-R, when combined with measurements of participation, answer clinical questions regarding a child’s sensory processing skills and its impact on school functioning. Case studies will be used to understand and interpret the results and connect them to performance in the school environment. - 9/2023
Using the Sensory Processing Measure, Second Edition (SPM-2) in a School-Based Setting - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Cheryl Ecker, MA, OTR/L, BCP
The focus of this short course is the use of the SPM-2 (Parham, Ecker, Kuhaneck, Henry, Glennon, 2021) in a school-based setting. This session will include a summary of the changes that occurred when the instrument was updated. The psychometric properties of the SPM-2 support evidence-based practice. Case examples will provide an opportunity to familiarize the user with nuances of interpretation. - 9/2023

2022 4th Annual School-Based Symposium
Registration Brochure
2022 School-Based Symposium On Demand Recordings
AT for Students with Significant Disabilities: Classroom Supports and Occupation-Based Interventions - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1.25 PDUs
Katy Rae Mackey, MS, OTR/L
Students with significant disabilities within an alternate curriculum program require dynamic and engaging interventions and strategies to meet their individualize education program (IEP) goals and needs. Furthermore, practitioners can foster learning and engagement using AT within occupation-based interventions and classroom programs. - 9/2022
Core Vocabulary as Part of Everyday Language - $10 members/$15 nonmembers - .5 PDUs
Rebecca Quevedo, MA, CCC-SLP
Core vocabulary is an essential part of any language system, but understanding and implementing this important concept can be difficult. Join us as we discuss core vocabulary and how to get started implementing it across school settings. This session will help you develop a better understanding of core vocabulary and how it is used in everyday language. Language development, as well as how it relates to core vocabulary, will also be discussed as basic augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) modeling concepts that you can apply to everyday therapy sessions. - 9/2022
Curriculum Access Through Technology - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1.25 PDUs
Malika Ferrell, MA; Cynthia Timm, BA
Many of our students are struggling to read and write. How can we provide access for students who are not responding to occupational therapy interventions to improve writing legibility? This miniworkshop will detail some exciting and readily available tools for academic access. - 9/2022
Interprofessional Collaboration for AT Applications in School-Based Services - $45 members/$60 nonmembers - 2.5 PDUs
Laura Greiss Hess, PhD, OTR/L; Kerrie Lemons Chitwood, PhD, CCC-SLP; Daniel Phillips, MS, CCC-SLP
Assistive technology (AT) is a central feature of the occupational therapy (OT) scope of practice AND is an opportunity for interprofessional collaboration. This keynote session will be co-presented by an interprofessional team of occupational therapy practitioners and speech-language pathologists who have extensive experience in AT applications. Our interprofessional panel will explore case examples, current AT applications, and clinical reasoning for implementation into school-based services. This session will include an exploration of innovative practice models and interactive opportunities to engage with the presentation materials, content, and presenters. - 9/2022
Panel/Ask the Experts Discussion (from 2022 OT in School-Based Symposium) - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
A Student’s Perspective – Savanna Soria, young adult; A Sibling/OT Perspective – Serena Soria, MSOT, OTR/L; A Teacher’s Perspective – Lisa Harring, ATACP; An OT’s Perspective - Libby Trutna, MA, OTR/L, AMPS, ATACP
Learning Objectives: Participants will learn how specialists incorporate assistive technology across occupations and settings. Participants will be able to ask the experts about including assistive technology into the IEP and embedding it in the curriculum. - 9/2022

2021 3rd Annual School-Based Symposium

Registration Brochure

2021 School-Based Symposium On Demand Recordings
Building Bonds to Support Students: Utilizing a Trauma-Informed Approach to School-Based Practice - $35 members/ $45 nonmembers - 3 PDUs
Tessa Milman, OTD, OTR/L; Kimberly Rice Lalezari, OTD, OTR/L, BCP
Practitioners need to be better equipped to provide support to our students. The “pandemic” made this especially clear that we need the tools and to increase our capacity to support our students. This mini-workshop will do just that. - 9/2021
Panel: How do you incorporate mental health in your practice? - $15 members/ $25 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Bryant Edwards, OTD, MA, OTRL, BCP, MPH; Katie Opdycke, MOS, OTR/L; Shelby Surfas, OTD, OTR/L; Ann-English Dillon Weaver, MSOT, OTR/L
This dynamic and diverse panel will answer key questions about incorporating mental health in their practice. - 9/2021
Peers with Purpose: Young Adult Social Committee - $15 members/ $25 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Madison Aguirre, MA, OTR/L
This presentation outlines a needs assessment used to examine the social-emotional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young adults with disabilities. The development of an occupation-based group protocol based on a sample of students who participated will be reviewed. The group protocol incorporates principles of self-determination to enable students to lead their Peers with Purpose Social Committee. - 9/2021
Social-Emotional Learning from a Distance: Tools and Processes for Anytime, Anywhere - $15 members/ $25 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Jessica Hannigan, EdD
Our students need social and emotional learning more than ever! How can we determine their needs and where do we begin? This session offers tools and best practice processes for social-emotional learning (SEL) that you can implement immediately in any learning environment. - 9/2021
The Distinct Value of Occupational Therapy in Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Children and Youth in Schools: Making Every Moment Count - $19 members/ $29 nonmembers - 1.5 PDUs
Susan Bazyk, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, Professor Emerita, Cleveland State University Founding Director, Every Moment Counts, LLC
The aim of occupational therapy services addressing mental health is to help all individuals develop and maintain positive mental health, prevent mental ill-health, and recover from mental health challenges in order to live full and productive lives. This presentation focuses on occupational therapy’s distinct value in mental health promotion, prevention, and intervention with children and youth in school settings. The relationship between meaningful and enjoyable participation in occupations and positive mental health will be emphasized. Every Moment Counts examples of how to implement occupation-based services within a multi-tiered mental health framework in schools will be provided along with a brief review of website resources. Specific attention to how the pandemic has impacted mental health and occupational therapy’s distinct contributions on interdisciplinary teams will be highlighted. - 9/2021

2020 2nd Annual School-Based Symposium

Registration Brochure

2020 School-Based Symposium On Demand Recordings
Clinical Reasoning in the Process of Gathering Information and Designing Intervention Program - $45 members/$59 nonmembers - 3 PDUs
Erna Imperatore Blanche, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
This short course is designed for clinicians who have a basic understanding of sensory processing and wish to enhance the clinical reasoning skills utilized during the assessment and intervention process. Through the use of videos, case studies, and didactic presentation, the participants will learn to organize and interpret the information gathered through standardized assessments, observations, and surveys and link it to participation issues identified in the reason for referral. Once the data has been collected, the participants will learn to plan the intervention using a hypothesis generation organizational model. The participants will have the opportunity to bring their own video cases to practice their skills during the course. - 9/2020
Promoting Self-Determination and Engagement in Meaningful Occupations: Lost & Found Program - $15 members/$25 nonmembers – 1 PDU
Gabriella Hart, Special Education Teacher, Harold L. Woods Elementary School, Clovis Unified School District
The Lost & Found Program at Woods Elementary is operated by 4th through 6th grade students who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The students are responsible for maintaining the lost items (sorting, hanging, folding), managing the Woods lost and found website (numbering the items, taking and uploading pictures of lost items, checking for emails from parents claiming items), and returning items to their owners (finding different rooms across campus, taking items, clearly stating whose item it is, etc.). This presentation will provide participants with information about promoting transition skills with the development and implementation of a lost & found program for students with autism and disabled students. - 9/2020
Steppin’ Up Group Transition Programs: Preparing Adolescents for Life After High School - $22 members/$33 nonmembers - 1.5 PDUs
Bonnie Nakasuji, OTD, OTR/L, C/NDT, FAOTA
This presentation will describe the creation and implementation(including successes and challenges) of an occupational therapy-led, transition-group program focused on addressing life and pre-vocational skills for high-risk adolescents. - 9/2020

2019 1st Annual School-based Symposium

Registration Brochure
Event was in-person. No recordings produced.