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Committee Co-Chairs

The Committee Chair is also the newsletter editor.

Karen Park

Karen Park, OTD, OTR/L, CLE

Sharareh (Sherry) Younesi

Sharareh (Sherry) Younesi, COTA/L

Committee Purpose

To coordinate and monitor activities related to the newsletter, electronic newsletters/alerts, website, social media sites, and public relations.

Newsletter Purpose

To generate a newsletter that provides communication for the Association and its members. Contact the newsletter editors at newsed(at)otaconline.org.

Newsletter General Functions
  • To generate articles from the membership, Association representatives and outside resources.
  • To edit and proofread copy.
  • To coordinate production of the newsletter with the Executive Director.
  • To align activities with the Strategic Plan.

Website Purpose

To define parameters and guidelines for website publishing that ensures accurate, professional content in a consistent and tasteful format.

Public Relations Purpose

To present a professional image to the public in all of OTAC's business endeavors, including marketing to the consumer and to our members.

Public Relations General Functions
  • To ensure that the public has an understanding for and goodwill towards OTAC.
  • To facilitate the marketing of occupational therapy to consumers, including clients and third party payers.
  • To facilitate marketing of OTAC, its benefits and privileges, to the licensed OTs, OTAs, students, and OT businesses of California.

Social Media

The Communications Committee primarily utilizes Facebook and Twitter to engage licensed OTs, OTAs, students, and OT businesses.

Media/PR Subcommittee Purpose

The Media/PR subcommittee is designed to complement the Communications Committee’s current initiatives on enhanced branding and increased visibility of OTAC. This subcommittee will focus its efforts on proactive and reactive responses to how occupational therapy is portrayed in mass media outlets. The goal is education of media professionals who write, edit and produce movies, TV shows, books, and articles to ensure accurate representation of occupational therapy as well as to encourage incorporating occupational therapy into more storylines. These efforts are just one of OTAC’s efforts in support of the Centennial Vision to make occupational therapy ‘widely recognized.’

Media PR Form - Use this form any time you see a movie, TV show, or read a book or article wherein the writers, directors, or editors could have significantly incorporated reference to occupational therapy or enhanced the storyline with an OT character, to let us know so that we can use the opportunity to educate them about OT.

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