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Nominations Ad Hoc

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Committee Chair

Diana Su-Erickson

Diana Su-Erickson, OTR/L
nomchr (at) otaconline.org

Committee Purpose

To conduct the elections; of OTAC officers and regional directors.

Committee General Functions
  • To invite interested members to serve the Association.
  • To request recommendations from members for names to be considered for nomination.
  • To determine the eligibility of nominees and prepare a list of candidates for all elective offices to be filled. Write-in candidates may be allowed provided they meet the qualifications as stated in the bylaws.
  • To secure the consent of nominees prior to placing names on the ballot.
  • To arrange for the distribution, receipt, and tally of ballots by impartial, nonmember personnel.
  • To notify all candidates about the results of the election prior to reporting such results to the membership.
  • To function on call if an emergency election is required during the term of office.
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