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8th Annual OT in Oncology Symposium


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$35 is retained to cover cancellation/refund processing costs. Written notice must be received in the OTAC office by (to be announced), to be eligible for refunds. No refunds after this date. Disclaimer: OTAC reserves the right to make changes to the program. No refunds will be made based on these changes.

Past Oncology Symposiums

2024 7th Annual OT in Oncology Symposium

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2024 Oncology Symposium On Demand Recordings
Oncologic Considerations in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Gouri V. Varatkar, PT, MPTh, CAPP
This session will discuss the impact of a variety of cancer diagnoses such as gynecological, bladder, prostate, colo-rectal, and hematological cancers on pelvic health. We will discuss current guidelines for assessment and treatment of cancer-related impairments and barriers to participation that can impact outcomes. Finally, we will outline strategies to improve patient adherence to therapist recommendations. - 2/2024
Implications of Pediatric Oncologic Treatment on Mental Health - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
LeNia Goff, OTD, OTR/L
Pediatric cancer survivors face an array of complex challenges and many experience limitations in their functional participation due to mental health impairments. Occupational therapy practitioners play a unique role in addressing the impact of mental health impairments on meaningful activity with restorative and adaptive interventions. This presentation will explore a holistic and patient-centered approach to care as well as the role of occupational therapy in a multidisciplinary team to address the mental health concerns of pediatric cancer survivors. - 2/2024
Cosmetology’s Supportive Role in Cancer Care - $20 members/$30 nonmembers - 0.75 PDUs
Cassie Polchow
This presentation will explore the do’s and don’ts of makeup, skincare, scalp care, nail care, and body care products. We will discuss recommendations of products patients may need while going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments and an overview of services and resources available for patients across the continuum of treatment. - 2/2024
Returning to Work After Brain Cancer - $30 members/$40 nonmembers - 1.25 PDUs
Christina Weyer Jamora, RN, PhD, CBIST
Returning to work after brain cancer can be daunting for many patients and the rehabilitation specialists who help them. This session will review important considerations in the context of work abilities in adults with primary brain cancer. - 2/2024
Coping with Grief and Loss as We Care for Others in Oncology - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Rev. Jonathan Timothy Stoner, MDiv, BCC
In this session, we will focus on how to care for our hearts and souls as we care for cancer patients and their loved ones. We will also spend a portion of our time together discussing what to say (and what not to say) to someone who is grieving. There will be an interactive portion of the presentation where attendees can give examples of statements from patients and their loved ones they had difficulty responding to. We will discuss possible responses and share strategies for how to be present with patients and their families who are processing a poor prognosis and facing an uncertain future. - 2/2024

2023 6th Annual OT in Oncology Symposium

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2023 Oncology Symposium On Demand Recordings
Addressing End-of-Life Care and the Occupations Around Death and Dying in Acute Oncology - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Tabitha Lin, OTD, OTR/L
Occupational therapy in end-of-life (EOL) care remains a difficult practice for OTPs due to various factors, including practitioner-perceived readiness and systematic barriers in an acute, multidisciplinary setting. This presentation will illuminate evidence-based, feasible recommendations to optimize occupational therapy interventions for EOL care in acute oncology, and avenues to address moral injury. - 2/2023
Development and Implementation of an Occupation-Based Health Self-Management Program for Cancer Survivors - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Alix Sleight, OTD, PhD, MOT, MPH, OTR/L
Modifiable lifestyle factors like physical activity, alcohol intake, and diet are strongly linked to cancer incidence and mortality. However, rates of adherence to lifestyle recommendations after cancer are consistently low. What causes this disconnect? How can occupational therapy be leveraged to help? In this talk, Sleight will review the characteristics of successful health self-management programs for individuals with chronic conditions and suggest a risk-stratified approach to improving adherence to lifestyle recommendations in cancer survivorship. Practical advice will be offered for clinicians interested in developing health self-management programs in their own clinics. - 2/2023
Exercise Recommendations for Patients with Bone Lesions - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Jessica Cheng, MD
This presentation will empower clinicians to safely guide physical activity in patients with bone lesions. Assessment of bone condition, guidelines, and practical recommendations will be discussed in a case-based, interactive format. - 2/2023
Fertility and Cancer: Helping Patients Understand Options and Get Access to Care - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Amy Donner, MA, LCSW; Karen Wohlgezogen, RN
This session will focus on the potential impacts of various cancer treatments on fertility and how providers can assist patients in accessing services to understand their fertility risk, fertility preservation options, and family building options across the treatment continuum. We will also share strategies for starting the conversation with patients about fertility and fertility preservation. - 2/2023
Moving from Loss to Life: Helping Cancer “Survivors” Find Meaning in the In-Between - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Alison Wong, PhD, LMFT; Rachel Koonse, LMFT
The period in between treatment and survivorship is a transition that is often perceived as a time of hope and celebration but can also be characterized by feelings of grief and uncertainty. This session will be an informative discussion on the complex emotional experience of moving from grief to empowerment during this transitional period. Presenters will share an overview of the grief experience through a bio-psycho-social-spiritual lens, provide resources and best practices for supporting patients during this time, and discuss the concept of post-traumatic growth. - 2/2023

2022 5th Annual OT in Oncology Symposium
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2022 Oncology Symposium On Demand Recordings
Addressing Psychosocial Challenges within Occupational Therapy Practice for Cancer Survivors - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Kathleen Lyons, ScD, OTR/L (VT & NH)
This session will explore both the psychosocial challenges and the opportunities for post-traumatic growth that cancer survivors may experience. This session will review screening tools and contemporary guidelines for addressing psychosocial concerns, as well as, explore the ways in which OT practitioners can promote occupational engagement to address psychosocial challenges for cancer survivors. - 1/2022
Implementing Nutrition and Physical Activity Recommendations in the Oncology Setting - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Jessica Clague DeHart, PhD, MPH
Good nutrition and consistent physical activity are incredible tools to help cancer survivors increase their overall health and well-being. This session will discuss the importance of nutrition and physical activity, current evidence-based recommendations, and practical strategies to empower patients to adopt these recommendations through setting realistic goals and milestones. - 1/2022
Managing Sleep Disturbances in Cancer Survivorship - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Jason Tse, OTD, OTR/L
Sleep difficulties are one of the most common sequelae in cancer survivorship. This session will define sleep and each stage of sleep, discuss the prevalence of sleep disturbances in cancer survivors, and explore the causes and effects of sleep disturbances. Practical strategies and ideas for helping cancer survivors overcome sleep disturbances within the scope of OT will be reviewed. - 1/2022
Occupational Therapy Practitioners as Transition Navigators for the Childhood Cancer Survivor - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Jessica Sparrow, OTD, OTR/L (TN), BCP
As childhood cancer survivors (CCS) progress through the cancer care continuum, they must also transition through developmental stages, settings, and situations while also managing the acute and long-term effects of cancer treatment. This session will identify risk factors that may be associated with problematic transitions for the CCS, identify key occupational transitions, and describe the role of the OT practitioner in multidisciplinary transition planning for the CCS. - 1/2022
The Impact of OT in Addressing the Unique Needs of Older Adults with Cancer - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Leana Chien, MSN, RN, GNP-BC
Older adults with cancer have unique challenges that can impact care. By determining the care issues, practitioners can develop treatment care plans that can address the specific needs and preferences of the aging patient. The impact and involvement of OT to meet the specialized needs of older adults with cancer will be reviewed. - 1/2022

2021 4th Annual OT in Oncology Symposium

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2021 Oncology Symposium On Demand Recordings
Ask the Experts Panel - $5 members/nonmembers - 0.5 PDUs
This was an opportunity to ask questions of all the presenters from the 2021 OT in Oncology Symposium - 2/2021
Body Image and Its Occupational Impact on Cancer Survivors - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Asfia Mohammed, MOT, OTR/L (TX)
Altered body image is commonly reported amongst cancer survivors and can impact an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. It is important to consider the consequences of an altered body image on occupational engagement and quality of life. This presentation will explore the OT practitioner’s role, assessments, and interventions to utilize in practice. - 2/2021
Functional Cognition and Occupational Therapy Implications for Individuals Living with Cancer-Related Cognitive Deficits: Current State of the Science - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Robin Newman, OTD, OTR/L (IL), CLT, FAOTA This presentation will highlight evidence-based conceptual models of cognitive function in cancer survivors and evidence-based approaches to rehabilitation for cancer survivors living with cancerrelated cognitive decline. This presentation will highlight the role of occupational therapy in supporting individuals living with cancer-related cognitive decline. - 2/2021
Gaining Insight: The Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) Can Enhance Your Oncology Practice - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Patricia Bowyer, EdD, MS, OTR/L (TX), FAOTA This session will review the concepts of the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) and how OT practitioners can use it with the oncology population to organize and guide thinking. The discussion will include assessments and how occupational identity and occupational competence lead to adaptation and improved participation. - 2/2021
‘Unlocking’ the Occupational Power of Exercise Across the Cancer Continuum - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Kelley R. Covington, MS, ACSM-CET, CEP
Despite the well-established benefits of exercise across the cancer continuum, 60-90% of survivors are inactive. OT practitioners are uniquely skilled to empower individuals to become and stay active throughout survivorship by leveraging exercise as a means and ends to occupation. - 2/2021

2020 3rd Annual OT in Oncology Symposium

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2020 Oncology Symposium On Demand Recordings
East Meets West: Alternative and Complimentary Exercises for the Oncology Population - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Barbara Brewer, COTA/L, St. Jude Medical Center This is an interactive learning experience for seated yoga, tai chi, and longevity stick exercises supported by evidence-based research. Practitioners will be able to explore mind/ body exercises and mindfulness practices to decrease pain and fatigue and to promote healing and improve outcomes for the oncology population. - 2/2020
Managing Motivation: Strategies to Measure and Improve Volition for Occupational Engagement - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Leanne Seckinger, MS, OTR/L, Huntsman Cancer Hospital, University of Utah Health System Oncology patients experience role disruptions often leading to decreased engagement. Anxiety and depression related to prognosis, side effects from treatments, and functional changes can directly influence a patients’ volitional level. This presentation will discuss assessments and intervention strategies to guide the understanding of a patient’s learning readiness, address the timing of interventions that can influence patients to be more involved in their care, and improve the quality of life. - 2/2020
Occupational Therapy’s Role with Patients with Head and Neck Cancer Across the Continuum - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Yasi Amanat, OTD, OTR/L, Keck Hospital of USC; Stacey Morikawa, OTD, OTR/L, Chan Division at USC and Keck Medical Center of USC
This presentation will provide an overview on head and neck cancer diagnosis as well as a general intervention framework used for these patients from diagnosis through survivorship. Evidence-based intervention modules will be introduced to further address patients’ quality of life and participation in meaningful occupations. - 2/2020
Optimizing Health Self-Management for Adolescents and Young Adults in Oncology - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Kaitlyn Cruz, OTD, OTR/L, City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
This presentation will address the unique, unmet needs of adolescent and young adults diagnosed with cancer and how occupational therapy practitioners can tailor interventions to improve compliance and optimize health outcomes for this population. - 2/2020
Overcoming Barriers to Integrating Palliative and End of Life Care in an Acute Oncology Setting - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Amy Brown, OTD, OTR/L, City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center and University of Irvine Medical Center; Dennis Lin, OTD, OTR/L, City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
Attendees will gain practical knowledge on how to effectively overcome barriers to provide palliative care in an acute care setting through exploring the role of occupational therapy on a multidisciplinary team in an oncological hospital. Effective ways to address other aspects of palliative care will be reviewed including the needs of the caregiver, timing of services, and how to obtain and sustain referrals. - 2/2020
Return to Work: Interventions Across the Continuum of Cancer Care - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Carolyn Wilson, OTR/L, Kaiser Permanente
This presentation will discuss the occupational therapy practitioner’s unique role in preparing cancer patients to return to work. Understanding the effects of cancer treatment and its possible impact on returning to work, the occupational therapy practitioner has an important role in evaluating, addressing and identifying a patient’s work-related goals, and developing a treatment plan to help patients to successfully return to the work setting. - 2/2020

2019 2nd Annual OT in Oncology Symposium

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2019 Oncology Symposium On Demand Recordings
#TheStruggleIsReal: Dealing with Cancer and Its Aftermath in Adolescence - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Joanna James, OT/L, CBIS, CLC, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; Kendra King, MA, OTR/L, CBIS, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
This session will explore the ways in which having cancer specifically affects the adolescent population from diagnosis to inpatient hospitalization to the long-term side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. The occupations of adoles­cents center around the development of identity and the impact of living with cancer presents unique challenges to this population. This lecture will address themes of isolation, body image, sexuality, social media presence, and the physi­cal, psychosocial, and emotional implications of dealing with cancer in the teenage years. - 2/2019
A Comprehensive Approach to Breast Cancer Rehabilitation - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Kayla Wei, OTD, OTR/L, City of Hope National Medical Center
Learn how to address the unique needs of individuals with breast cancer through a comprehensive and holistic approach to treatment. From diagnosis to survivorship, individuals are experiencing a vast number of physical, psychosocial, and cognitive changes that impact occupa­tional performance and quality of life. This presentation will focus on occupational therapy’s role in addressing various challenges across the continuum of care. - 2/2019
Cancer Related Lymphedema and Edema: Evaluation and Treatment - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Mahjabeen Hashmi, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, City of Hope National Medical Center.
Lymphedema and edema are common side effects of cancer and its treatment in which fluid builds up in body tissue. These conditions may interfere with one’s ability to engage in daily activities, which is why it is crucial for practicioners to address this issue effectively. This presentation will explore causes, assessments, and intervention techniques to equip practitioners with the tools to assist patients in accomplish­ing their functional goals. - 2/2019
Enhancing Clinical Practice for Sexuality in Oncology - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Sherry M. Hite, MOT, OTR/L, Supervisor, City of Hope National Medical Center; Lynn Kim, OTD, OTR/L, City of Hope National Medical Center; Vanessa Monique Yanez, MS, OTR/L, City of Hope National Medical Center
This session will explore occupational therapy's unique role in addressing all aspects of sexuality, including sexual functioning, body image, and self-esteem, as well as the challenges in clinical practice faced by practitioners across various specialty areas and settings. Presenters will discuss effective training methods to improve staff comfort levels in addressing this sensitive topic with patients and strategies to deliver practical, client-centered interventions of the challenges identified in current practice. - 2/2019
Management of Cancer Pain: A Lifestyle Redesign® Approach - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU Lindsey Reeves, OTD, OTR/L, USC Occupational Therapy Faculty Practice
Learn about Lifestyle Redesign® pain management inter­ventions for cancer-related pain, including treatment of common mental health comorbidities, and understand the process of evaluation, documentation, and billing for this treatment approach. - 2/2019
The Growth of OT in Oncology Care and Projections for New Programming - $10 members/$15 nonmembers - 0.5 PDUs
Amy Barnes, MSOT, OTR/L, Stanford Health Care; Brian Estipona, MS, OTR/L, Stanford Health Care
This session will highlight occupational therapy’s (OT) involvement and the positive impact of OT’s unique role within the oncology population. Emphasis will be placed on advocacy, opportunities to develop the OT caseload, the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, and utilization of standardized tools. Discussion will include the current role and future opportunities to advance occupational therapy practice in oncology, as well as opportunities to understand the patient perspective on the oncology rehabilitative process. - 2/2019

2018 1st Annual OT in Oncology Symposium

Registration Brochure

2018 Oncology Symposium On Demand Recordings
A Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Cancer Related Cognitive Impairments - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Sherry M. Hite, MOT, OTR/L
With a growing number of cancer survivors struggling with cognitive impairments it is imperative that occupational therapy practitioners are at the forefront of addressing this potentially debilitating side effect of treatment. This presentation will describe the effects of cancer treatment on cognition and explore a comprehensive approach to evaluation and treatment. - 1/2018
A Multipronged Approach to Cancer Related Fatigue - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Priscilla Park, MA, OTR/L, CLT-LANA
Strategies for utilizing occupational therapy’s unique role to help cancer patients’ deal with fatigue and improve their quality of life will be presented. - 1/2018
Building Occupational Therapy Oncology Programs Across the Care Continuum - $15 members/$20 nonmembers - 0.75 PDU
Jennifer B. Hayter, MA, OTW/L, SWC, CLT-LANA
This presentation will discuss the opportunities and processes for developing occupational therapy programs in oncology. As the population of cancer survivors is anticipated to grow from 15 million to 20 million in the next 10 years, there will be significant opportunity for occupational therapy to demonstrate its unique value by developing specialized programming to meet the needs of these survivors. The presenter will address topics such as identifying opportunities, choosing the best programs for your organization, program design, and evaluation and the importance of creating a network. Methods for garnering physician and administrative support will be discussed as well. The presenter will provide examples and lessons learned from her 25 years of experience in oncology rehabilitation. - 1/2018
Coping with Cancer: Psychosocial Interventions Across the Continuum of Cancer Care - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Vanessa M. Yanez, MS, OTR/L
From cancer diagnosis to survivorship, individuals may experience an array of psychosocial problems, which may interfere with participation in life roles and day-to-day activities. Occupational therapy practitioners play an instrumental role in helping individuals manage psychosocial issues associated with cancer and its treatment in order to improve occupational performance. In this presentation, common psychosocial challenges and coping interventions will be reviewed to enhance occupational functioning and quality of life across the cancer care continuum. - 1/2018
Evaluation and Treatment of Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN) - $15 members/$20 nonmembers - .75 PDUs
Joanna James, MS, OT/L, CBIS, CLC, SWC; Kendra King, MA, OTR/L, CBIS
Many people who have been treated with chemotherapy complain of neuropathy that interferes with their activities of daily living including work and negatively impacts their overall quality of life. As more aggressive pharmacological agents are developed and survival rates increase in the future, the number of people affected is projected to grow. The purposes of this presentation are 1) to define CIPN; 2) to demonstrate evaluation techniques that focus on the unique characteristics of CIPN; and 3) to present interventions for rehabilitation of CIPN including therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and sensory stimulation. These interventions target the neuromuscular system to promote sensory function. Suggestions for home programs will be included. - 1/2018
Facilitating the New Normal: Pediatric Oncologic OT in Acute Care - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Cynthia Cooper, MFA, MA, OTR/L, CHT
This lecture focuses on the scope of therapeutic interventions by occupational therapy (OT) practitioners in a pediatric acute care oncology setting. We will cover application of OT to children and adolescents/young adults hospitalized and undergoing treatments, the breadth of OT intervention, how to incorporate parents and families into care, and targeting interventions to the specific age groups to promote a sense of normalcy in the middle of an otherwise very abnormal setting. - 1/2018
Managing Cancer as a Chronic Condition: A Lifestyle Redesign® Approach - $25 members/$35 nonmembers - 1 PDU
Camille Dieterle, OTD, OTR/L
Learn how occupational therapy practitioners can target modifiable risk factors, such as obesity and diabetes, to prevent cancer reoccurrence. Learn skills to increase client motivation and to help clients become more engaged in managing their health and wellness. - 1/2018