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20th Annual Afternoon Tea with a Scholar | Infusing Occupation into Practice | Twopart Series | Earn 4 PDUs

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Do you believe in the power of occupation but need support to infuse it into practice? This twopart series offers a unique perspective to see practice through an occupational lens, provides a mechanism to measure your use of occupation, and serves as an opportunity to reflect on your practice to generate positive health outcomes using the magic of occupation in your practice. Whether practicing clinically with clients or working in academia, this series can enhance your use of occupation with clients, students, and advocacy for occupation with administrators.

You will receive the recording of the Sunday, January 29, 2023 session to watch prior to the live October session

10am - Noon (Virtual) (2 PDUs)
Infusing Occupation into Practice: Part 1

Conceptualizing and Measuring Occupation-Based Practice
This session includes a re-introduction to the profession’s foundational relationship between occupation and health. A conceptualization of occupation-based practice is proposed, providing understanding and nomenclature to what occupation-based practice looks like as well as the factors influencing its infusion into practice. Attendees explore an assessment of occupation-based practice and receive a challenge and strategies to infuse more occupation into practice.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

10am - Noon (Virtual) (2 PDUs)
Infusing Occupation into Practice: Part 2

Providing Uniquely Occupational Practice
This session begins with a review of the literature highlighting the positive health outcomes from occupational engagement. Attendees reflect on their own journey toward occupation-based practice while examining strategies to overcome barriers to occupation. The outcomes of occupation-based practice are discovered from a client, provider, and program perspective.

Added Value: Assessment Tool
Bridging the two sessions, participants will work to identify and overcome the barriers to using occupation and measuring their own practice so they can track their progress. Watch for announcements about an exciting FREE assessment tool.

Registration Fees
Protégé Contributor $45
Mentor Contributor $75
Expert Contributor $130
Master Contributor $250 or more (receives a special gift from the Tea co-founders)
Dilettante Contributor (OT/OTA students only) $25


Wendy Stav

Wendy Stav,