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Autism Ad Hoc

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Committee Chair

Patricia Nagaishi

Patricia Nagaishi, PhD, OTR/L

Committee Purpose

To promote the value of occupational therapy for individuals with autism and address issues that may impact occupational therapy practice with this population in California (e.g., access to OT services, reimbursement for OT services, legislative and regulatory actions, etc.) through advocacy, and providing information, education, and resources to OTAC members, key stakeholders and other entities, and the public.

  • Participate in teleconference meetings to discuss OT practice and autism-related issues, and plan activities and events •Respond to OTAC members’ inquiries on issues or concerns regarding OT practice with individuals with autism
  • Collaborate with OTAC regional directors and committees for possible educational and networking activities or other events
  • Monitor trends in autism-related research, as well as trends in occupational therapy practice and reimbursement for OT services provided to individuals with autism
  • Provide information on existing resources, as well as develop resources for OT practitioners, e.g., research updates, evidence-based interventions, best practices, etc.
  • Review and monitor legislation related to autism; and provide recommendations to the OTAC Board on OTAC positions regarding autism-related legislation and policies; and suggest amendments to legislation in autism-related bills as appropriate
  • Communicate with other OT organizations, programs, and entities, e.g., AOTA, California Board of Occupational Therapy, OT / OTA programs, etc., as well as other state and national entities serving individuals with autism